VISO LED Technology

VISO uses numerous top of the line LED’s in our decorative light pendants including:


Currently used in our Crema and Martini light pendants, the Xicato LED produces 700 Lumens and disperses consistent colour across the board.


Used in the Rhea, ALO and LED Thin, the Cree LED produces beautiful, even colour. The Rhea pendant produces 360 Lumens, the ALO produces 100 Lumens while the LED Thin delivers 750 Lumens.


Found in The Maggie light pendant, the Bridgelux LED offers superb light output in the form of 650 Lumens and a consistent, even colour.

VISO determines which LED will be used based on the size, shape and form of the decorative pendant. For select light pendants and custom projects, we use custom LED boards. Our Wandering Star and No Name pendants feature custom LED boards made specifically for these products. All decorative pendants in our Bronze and Made With Love collections were designed for use with integral LEDs. Our standard collection also accommodates LED bulbs in place of incandescent bulbs.

Benefits of LED

  • Low power consumption with high light output
  • Longer life span compared to incandescent light bulbs
  • Environmentally friendly, less waste created than traditional light bulbs
  • No UV or Infra Red emitted

Dimming Options available

VISO offers multiple dimming options for all lighting projects. Available upon request, we offer both Triac & ELV dimming as well as 0-10V dimming. Most dimmable drivers can fit in our standard canopies. In some instances, a remote driver may be required. Custom LED and dimming options may also be available according to Minimum Order Quantities.