We’re very excited to announce VISO has a brand-new look: VISO has transformed into a solid V! Our Logo still carries the same meaning it always did: “VI” stand for Victoria and “SO” for Sofia, Filipe’s niece and first daughter respectively. As they have grown to be in their early 20s, so has VISO transformed.

For at least some 20+ years VISO has been known for our growth, change, and transformation. As our product offering expands and our experiences increase, we want to make sure our brand best represents who we are today – a visionary, diverse and bold lighting design and manufacturing company.

VISO is Visionary – Our goal is to make designs a reality. We constantly push the boundaries to design-engineer and manufacture according to clients’ vision and specification to ensure we continue to be an industry-leader in the world on lighting. There is no limit to what we can create and we are always willing to take confident risks.

VISO is Diversity – Diversity is a significant part of VISO’s culture. We are diverse not only in terms of our workforce, but also in the services that we offer to our clients. The new logo will celebrate this diversity through its dynamic new look. The split in imagery represents both our custom design capabilities as well as our classic designs of the Brand collection.

VISO is Bold – We encourage outside the box thinking. Our approach is to find solutions for clients that meets their every need, no compromises. We aim to deliver creative solutions to challenging projects and always make sure we are cost-saving and using the best technologies in manufacturing.

About Our Logo

The new VISO logo embodies the direction that our company is headed. Our logo now better represents our two distinct offerings: the custom design and manufacturing division and our VISO brand collection.

We’re also introducing more colors into our brand. Summer sunset to represent our brand collection and burnt yellow to represent our custom division.


VISO is a global multidisciplinary design and manufacturing firm specializing in unique decorative light fixtures focusing on Architecture & Design with offices and facilities in Canada, Portugal and Dubai. The company serves the hospitality, commercial, infrastructure and residential sectors and offers an exclusive brand collection as well as custom designs, rendering services and project consultation.

Led by founder and Head Designer Filipe Lisboa and Managing Partner, Tzetzy Naydenova, the couple have bound their efforts in design, production, management and marketing to build a strong, reputable and unique fashion forward lighting company.

Proudly Canadian, VISO’s headquarter is located in downtown Toronto.  The company designs, manufactures, assembles and inspects all fixtures and custom lighting in its state-of-the-art production facilities.

See more of VISO’s custom lighting projects here.

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