The team behind VISO has grown the company to be leading light manufacturers in Canada and across the globe and are known for their luxury lighting design and manufacturing capabilities.

Filipe Lisboa

CEO & Head Designer aka. The Emperor

Filipe is a proven entrepreneur and industrial designer with 20+ years of professional experience in the design industry as the CEO and Chief Designer of VISO Inc.

Known as a leader in the lighting industry, Filipe is responsible for developing VISO’s key metallization process exclusive to VISO for its decorative collections. Filipe is highly skilled in designing unique products fit for different markets, executing sales, and creating strong customer relations.

Filipe is passionate about great design and innovation, barbequing good quality food and drinking fine wine. He often hosts team dinners to demonstrate his appreciation for the hard-working staff at VISO, believing that hard work and dedication deserve an equal amount of play.

Tzetzy Naydenova

Managing Partner aka. Queen Bee

Tzetzy Naydenova is the Managing Partner of VISO, a global design and manufacturing firm specializing in contemporary decorative light fixtures and custom lighting solutions. Her determination, vision and business acumen that has propelled VISO on to the radar of architects, designers, builders and consumers around the world. Tzetzy’s success stems from her forthrightness and ability to multitask, and her uncompromising thirst for creativity means that she constantly pushes the boundaries to find creative solutions to any challenges that she faces.

In a short period of time, Tzetzy has taken a niche lighting company from Toronto, Canada and turned it into a global player that competes with the big boys. As a female leader in the lighting field, Tzetzy is proud that VISO welcomes many young women to the company and she cherishes her role as a mentor to the next generation of female leaders.