Custom Hotel Lighting by VISO Welcomes Guests to the Hilton Atlanta

VISO designs and manufactures two custom hotel lighting installations for the renovation of the Hilton Hotel in Downtown Atlanta.

Project Goals

The hotel has been open for over 40 years and needed to modernize and brighten-up their public areas, including the lobby and pre-function and meeting rooms. To achieve this goal, the designers decided that one of the things they needed to do was design several hotel lighting installations to bring new life to the interior space.

Design Challenge and Solution

VISO was tasked with creating 2 custom light compositions for the property. The first feature is a large-scale structure for the lobby and features 4 custom canopies of VISO Alo suspended from the ceiling with 75 pendants on each. This installation was a challenge for the design team because of its scale. The lobby is an open atrium and rises up 3 floors. The task for our designers was to create a large-scale structure that doesn’t intimidate or overpower the existing architecture, which includes the glass elevators that bring guests up to their rooms.

The solution for 4 custom canopies of VISO Alo works perfectly for this space. Each canopy features 75 Alo pendants in Hairline Bronze hung at different lengths to create texture and contrast in the design and provide maximum coverage to the space without it being too overwhelming.

The second custom hotel lighting installation is for the main meeting room and features 112 custom light tracks with 5 or 6 pendants on each track, totaling 624 pendants for the entire installation. Each light track is finished in black powder coat matte and integrated within a series of metal plates suspended on the ceiling. This installation is a custom design and covers the entire ceiling in the meeting room to create a beautiful wave effect.  The lighting of the track lights compliments the existing technical lights and brightens up the space.

VISO custom fixture at Hilton Atlanta
VISO custom fixture at Hilton Atlanta

Project Specs

The installation in the hotel lobby features 300 Alo pendants in hairline bronze finish hanging from 4 custom frames, lit by 1W LEDs. The frames are suspended 47.8”/1214mm from the ceiling and the pendants hang at varying heights up to 483”/12,268mm from the ceiling.

The custom fixture in the meeting room features 112 custom tracks with 5 or 6 pendants on each, totally 624 light pendants. The stem and pendant body has a powder coated finish and an acrylic diffused to cast an inviting glow. Each pendant is lit with a 5W 3000K 120V LED.

Both custom hotel lighting installations create a captivating presence in their respective spaces and certainly bring a touch of modernity to the hotel decor.

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