Experience the Fantastical Nature of Light with VISO Chestnut

The new VISO Chestnut image perfectly highlights the fixture’s organic beauty and aims to evokes a sense of discovery.

The Chestnut is the perfect amalgamation of form and function. Inspired by mid-century modern design, the light’s sophistication and organic beauty make it the ideal candidate for any interior space. To celebrate this distinct light fixture, VISO created a fantastical image which highlights the Chestnut’s elegant yet industrial feel while still underlining the influence of nature on this beautiful creation.

Project Goals

The goal of creating this new fantastical image is to highlight the story and inspiration of the Chestnut. The fixture was launched at Euroluce 2017 in Milan and aims to bring nature indoors. This beautiful light fixture is a work of art: it is fully customizable, meaning the customer can design their own installation.  It is also interactive – the angle of each plate can be adjusted individually on the hinge it rests on. The Chestnut is available in clusters of four, six, nine and eleven plates and is made from a steel body with a champagne finish.

Design Inspiration

At VISO, our ambition is to deliver stunning lighting designs and to challenge people’s perception of lighting. In the journey to identify the visual language of the Chestnut, we were able to pull out the themes of nature, discovery and light. Therefore, the image needed to convey the organic inspiration of the piece while also creating a world that draws the viewers in and gets them to question themselves and inspire their creativity. These themes and emotions speak directly to the experience people have when interacting with the Chestnut light.

Project Challenges and Solutions

Working with photographer Sean Williams, the VISO creative team created a fantastical world which tells the story of the Chestnut. Through a collaborative effort, the team was able to fine-tune the picture and bring to life the original brief: a fantastical image to convey the beauty and elegance of the Chestnut while inspiring in the viewer a sense of discovery. The last element was the copy. Keeping true to our goals, the VISO team decided on “Experience the Fantastical Nature of Light” – a simple statement that speaks directly to the inspiration behind the project.

VISO Chestnut image
VISO Chestnut image for darc Magazine

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The final VISO Chestnut image covers the back of the next January / February issue of darc Magazine. See the issue here.

Our Strategic Partner

Dreamy, cinematic, fantastical, Sean Williams’ photographs are imaginatively stylized scenes into worlds we seem to have just stumbled upon—worlds we recognize from fairytales and mythology. He lights his people and places with an eye toward chiaroscuro—imagery rich in shadows that remind us of Caravaggio and Goya. His characters look up from their worlds as though suddenly aware of our gaze. And we see in.

See more of Sean’s work on his website: seanwill.com

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