EUROLUCE Decorative Light Display

Thank you for visiting VISO at EUROLUCE. Together, we sipped champagne, socialized and mingled with the lights discussing your projects. We are proud to be a part of a show that is recognized as the global benchmark lighting exhibition for technlogical innovation and lighting design culture. The show gave us an opportunity to showcase our capabilties in:

  • custom lighting design;
  • lighting manufacturing and production;
  • lighting and surface materials;
  • design
  • culture

We received many requests. As a reference, we put together a visual of VISO decorative lighting fixtures, pendants and lighting installations you loved.

Just a click on the collections name links up to the product page. You will then find images, information, and technical specification for each lighting fixture.

For any inquiries, please call us at +1.416.461.8476 and press “8” for further assistance.

You could also email us at

We hope to work together soon!

VISO Lighting Collections

BRIGGS Light Installation                        MOSS Light Pendant                  CHESTNUT Brass Metal Light


H2O Cluster                 Fort Knox Cluster               Ulee Cluster                            Capella Light Installation


Ruskii Cluster             The Ring Light Installation         Martini Cluster                        Crema Cluster


No Name Cluster              Wandering Star Cluster         Cubie Cluster                           Maggie Cluster


Alo Light Installation