Beer-Inspired Custom Glass and Copper Chandelier Takes Centre Stage

Inspired by the heritage and historical setting of the Amsterdam BrewHouse in downtown Toronto, VISO creates a stunning custom glass and copper chandelier to highlight the restaurants’ bar area.

Project Goals
The goal of this project is to create a show-stopping lighting installation to anchor the front of the restaurant area. While the back of the restaurant receives a lot of visitors due to the stunning view of Lake Ontario, the client felt that something was missing in the front bar area. Working with our strategic partner, mackaywong, who had previously led the renovation of the entire space a few years back, VISO design-engineered a unique custom glass and copper chandelier for the open space. Featuring custom glass globes on the end of clear-coated copper piping, the light fixture weaves through the wooden beams, which was already part of the existing architecture.

custom design chandelier
Amsterdam Brewhouse custom chandelier detail

Design Inspiration
Founded in 1986, Amsterdam Brewery is one of Toronto’s most well-known brewers. Their restaurant, Amsterdam BrewHouse, located on Toronto’s harborfront is a hot spot for tourist and locals, making it a hub of activity all year round. Inspired by their beer brewing heritage, VISO’s custom glass and copper chandelier creates an intricate web around the existing wooden beam structure which is part of the original heritage design. At the end of each copper pipe sits an amber coloured glass globe with three smaller clear globes attached. Reinard Sosroutomo, mackaywong Design Lead on the project, wanted to create the illusion of beer bubbles floating in the room without being so explicit with the design. The idea is to get people to see the light as an homage to the brewery’s heritage as well as an art installation.

Challenge and Solution
The wooden beams on the ceiling serve as an inspiration and a challenge to the designers: the beam placement dictates that the chandelier has to be integrated into the existing structure. Careful planning had to take place in order to find the best placement and angle for the copper pipes and the supporting ceiling anchors.
Working closely with the team at mackaywong, VISO design-engineered the custom design chandelier to organically fit with its surroundings. The chandelier measures 300”/7620mm by 228”/5790mm with a 112”/2845mm drop and features 48 glass globes.

Reinard Sosroutomo, Design Leader at mackaywong on working with VISO:
“VISO was able to take our design inspiration of beer bubbles for the chandelier and turn it into reality. VISO and mackaywong’s design teams worked closely together designing and engineering the light fixture and we are thrilled with the final results. The feedback from the client is that both the staff and the customers love the piece. The light is truly a work of art.”

custom design chandelier
Amsterdam Brewhouse custom design chandelier in the front bar area

About mackaywong
mackaywong is a strategy + design agency located in the heart of Toronto’s Entertainment District. Specializing in design for the hospitality industry, the firm helps brands define and position their concepts, visualize their identities and breathe life into their spaces using every means available.

About VISO Inc.
VISO is a global multidisciplinary design and manufacturing firm specializing in unique decorative light fixtures focusing on Architecture & Design with offices and facilities in Canada, Portugal and Dubai. The company serves the hospitality, commercial, infrastructure and residential sectors and offers an exclusive brand collection as well as custom designs, rendering services and project consultation.
Led by founder and Head Designer Filipe Lisboa and Managing Partner, Tzetzy Naydenova, the couple have bound their efforts in design, production, management and marketing to build a strong, reputable and unique fashion forward lighting company.
Proudly Canadian, VISO’s headquarter is located in downtown Toronto.  The company designs, manufactures, assembles and inspects all fixtures and custom lighting in its state-of-the-art production facilities.

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