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“VISO has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to the design and manufacturing of dynamic Global luminaries – coupled with an equally dynamic international sales and logistics operation, they ensure continuous excellent award winning results “
ANDREW GIBSON, Managing Director, Tyson Lighting
“VISO solidifies our vision time and time again. As Designers, there is nothing better than to see our specifications come to life. As a President, there is nothing better than to see company success. VISO’s lighting creations, unmatched professionalism and customer service, help make our job seamless and effortless. VISO is always on top of the list as a lighting design and manufacturing partner.”
ILAN WAISBROD, President, Studio Gaia
“To support our growth we need to move quickly and take advantage of the services VISO offers. We have worked closely with VISO on projects so the decision to move forward with a proven process and track record is an easy choice.”
“Having worked with VISO on a few projects we know they can tackle any project, big or small. Their problem solving skills and on site administration have proved to be invaluable and very efficient”.
MARAL SARISOZEN, Sr. Interior Designer, Studio Gaia