Currently, we recycle waste such as cardboard, paper and plastic. We focus on continuous improvement and we work towards zero waste in our manufacturing and office facilities.


At VISO, the principle of continuous improvement is vital to our process. We consider all employees, staff, partners, clients, guests at hotels and restaurants and even children to be stakeholders of the business. Together we work towards complete quality in our operations to produce and distribute amazing products. We uphold our suppliers and raw material providers to the same standards. Every box we use is made from 100% recyclable materials. Our skids are either fumigated or plastic which allows us to reuse them for long periods of time.


LED technology has rapidly advanced to the high output, low energy consuming, functional light it is today. The industry itself is moving towards solely LED lamping by legal standards. VISO is committed to offering the use of sustainable LED sources to clients in all light fixtures. Ask us how we can help you reach your sustainability goals.



Our goal is to continue our focus on achieving a 100% green supply chain. We believe in reducing our carbon footprint by recycling and by holding others accountable to sustainable objectives. Looking forward, we will keep sustainability in mind when designing and manufacturing without sacrificing quality and aesthetics design. We are continuing our implementation of the ISO 9000 quality management system, which reduces unnecessary steps and materials in our production process, increasing the overall sustainability of our products.