APRIL 04 2012

Toronto, ON-­‐VISO INC., local light design and manufacturer, teams up with design firm Device 222 to create a leading-­‐edge graphic light fixture.

CAPRICE, named for her whim and unpredictable allure is a suspension fixture with a semi metallic polycarbonate globe. In silver or copper, CAPRICE is already beautiful but the real surprise lies behind her shell. Turn the light on and discover cutting-­‐edge graphic inserts by DEVICE222 from smoky electro art to neon city signs. You can even create your own and express yourself by customizing CAPRICE with your own image.

When asked about this project and the four luminous graphic cylinder inserts designed by DEVICE222, Filipe Lisboa, VISO designer and CEO stated, “This partnership bred unique and creative ideas and we really enjoy working together”. CAPRICE is available is three different sizes with black metal canopies.Custom drops are available on request.

About the Designers:

Filipe Lisboa, CEO and head designer launched VISO in the late 90’s. VISOs collections reflect a sophisticated elegance and cutting edge style earning unprecedented success in the European market.

DEVICE 222 is a graphics and communications firm in Toronto, specializing in environmental graphics, print, interactive and branding.

About VISO

VISO’s lighting design collections are based on a “Light is Life” philosophy: light inspires life into spaces. Light affects our perception of space through its warmth, colour, and dimension. Light transforms physical space, enhances the senses and creates strong emotional impact.

Emotions flow through a bold fusion of elements that shape our lighting designs. A modern elegance, and simplicity of form further define VISO’s “Light is Life” creations. Light is Life.