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June 29th 2015

Toronto ON- VISO, the renowned Canadian decorative lighting design and manufacturer, continues to grow its global presence in the lighting industry.

Following the recent buyout of the company, founder, CEO and head designer Filipe Lisboa and managing director Tzetzy Naydenova continue to set high standards for the company.

Known to have a unique collection of light fixtures every year, VISO has also established itself as an industry leader in bespoke custom pieces. The custom division has seen its creations adorn hotels, restaurants, offices, public areas and retail spaces around the world. One of VISO’s most recent custom projects: the Buca Yorkville restaurant was awarded #1 Italian restaurant in Toronto.

In order to showcase custom capabilities, VISO partnered up with digital agency Angle Media to create a video covering recent notable projects. To view the video click here.

VISO capabilities are as expansive as one’s imagination. To discuss your custom project needs with our team of experts please call or email us at: 1-416-461-8476 /

Light is life.

About VISO

VISO’s lighting design collections are based on a “Light is Life” philosophy: light inspires life into spaces. Light affects our perception of space through its warmth, colour, and dimension. Light transforms physical space, enhances the senses and creates strong emotional impact.

Emotions flow through a bold fusion of elements that shape our lighting designs. A modern elegance, and simplicity of form further define VISO’s “Light is Life” creations.  Light is Life.
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