New LED Thin Suspension Launching at Downtown Design Dubai

The new Thin LED suspension from VISO will launch next week at the Downtown Design and is exclusively available now for pre-order.

VISO is proud to introduce the new Thin LED suspension light, an update of our existing Thin suspension from our Brand Collection. Launching at the Downtown Design Trade Show in Dubai, the fixture fulfills both decorative and practical functions. Designed with an integral LED, it offers a traditional fluorescent look without the harsh UV rays. It also requires zero-maintenance, meaning that you don’t need to worry about changing the lamp. The LED light is energy efficient and gives you an even glow of 3000k. The 2-foot Thin LED consumes 8 watts, the 3-foot Thin LED consumes 12 watts and the 4-foot Thin LED consumes 16 watts; the lumen output is 640Lm, 960Lm and 1280Lm respectively. The fixture can be hung both horizontally and vertically offering a wide range of cluster options and design variations, perfect for any commercial or residential applications. Certified for worldwide use, the Thin LED has dual dimming capabilities for either a 0-10V or TRIAC/ELV dimming system. The new Thin LED design is available with a mirror chrome, gold and copper finish. Custom canopies and custom colour gels are also available. Environmentally friendly and certified for all global electrical standards, the Thin LED suspension is perfect for any eye-catching decorative lighting installation and functional project. The new Thin LED will be available starting in January 2018 and we are offering our loyal VISO blog readers an exclusive opportunity to pre-order this fantastic fixture right now. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and contact our sales team at or call us at +1 (416) 461.8476 to learn more about this stunning fixture and place your order today. Learn more about the new Thin LED here.