VISO Launches The Gold Collection for the Holidays

Just in time for the Holidays, we are ecstatic to share our collection of gold modern light pendants. The Gold Collection features VISO’s most iconic modern light pendants including the Fort Knox, Bolio, and The Ring. The collection also features our latest decorative fixture, Alo.

There is no better way to add sparkle to your space than through the introduction of one (or more!) of our gold modern pendant lights.

A large number of our fixtures are made of high-quality polycarbonate. The polycarbonate globes are coated in our proprietary metallized finish in gorgeous colours including gold, silver and bronze. There are numerous features and benefits to VISO’s fixtures including:

  • Our propietary metallization finish does not chip, peel or bubble throughout the life of the fixture
  • Climate safe – we have tested the metallization finish in warm climates such as Dubai and South America
  • Hand-brushed metal finish and handmade materials
  • VISO only uses highly durable materials
  • Top quality LEDs are used for consistent light output and colour consistency
  • Polycarbonate pendants are lightweight and do not require additional support cables
  • Made in Canada: all our fixtures are hand-assembled and quality assurance tested in our production facility in Toronto
  • We source raw materials such as porcelain, glass and crystal from the best European producers

Take a look at The Gold Collection by VISO below.

Modern Light Pendant, Gold Collection, Ruskii, No Name, Ruskii Twist

(Left to Right) Ruskii, No Name, Ruskii Twist.


(Left to Right): Fort Knox, ULee, Bolio.


(Left to Right): The Maggie, The Ring, Alo.


(Left to Right): Gemma, H20, Cubie.

To learn more about The Gold Collection or for more information, click here to contact our sales team. You can also give us a call at (416) 461-8476.

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