VISO Custom division provides expert design and manufacturing solutions for projects anywhere, and of any kind.

DESIGN: Our in-house specialists apply core design principles together with VISO’s unique design elements to produce breathtaking results.

MANUFACTURING: Our manufacturing facilities and partner divisions are equipped with the latest technology to ensure quality of design and product.

APPROACH: Our collaborative approach promotes consideration of all elements: industry, space, environment, atmosphere, objective, and most importantly, your vision. Your vision is at the core of our commitment to you as a client. It leads the way in seeking out new technical components and advancing your design aesthetic.

Prior to manufacturing, we cover all elements, and provide you with expert advice and know-how to help shape your vision in the most appropriate way. Choose from our proprietary designs, innovative technologies, and exciting materials to create truly unique lighting designs.

Our “light is life” philosophy is paramount to our promise: we transform your vision into a beautiful reality.

“Having worked with VISO on a few projects we know they can tackle any project, big or small. Their problem solving skills and on site administration have proved to be invaluable and very efficient”.

MARAL SARISOZEN, Sr. Interior Designer, Studio Gaia