VISO Sculptural Light Pendant Brightens Deloitte’s Toronto Offices

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Our Latest Project

For the latest project by our Custom Design Studio, we partnered with global electrical engineering firm Mulvey & Banani to create custom decorative office lighting for Deloitte’s new space in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Project Goals

The goal of the project was to design-engineer and manufacture a linear light pendant to act as a focal point in a shared office space. Though the goal was to create something distinct, it was imperative that the design worked with and enhanced the gorgeous slatted wood ceiling in the office.

With plans to install the pendant over a walk up table measuring 215” long and 48” wide, the fixture also needed to mirror the table in length and produce enough light to allow employees to comfortably work below.

Custom Office Pendant Light, Decorative Lighting, Custom Lighting, Deloitte, VISO Inc.

VISO, Custom Lighting, Deloitte, Office Lighting, Made in Canada

Design Challenge

The ceiling in the common office space was lowered through the installation of the slated wood feature. Measuring 108” from floor to ceiling, the challenge was to design-engineer a fixture that did not hang too low and obscure slight lines across the table. As mentioned above, the custom decorative office lighting fixture also needed to mirror the design aesthetics of the room.

Design Solution

We developed a linear light pendant featuring a series of branch-like components. Each component rotates horizontally or vertically on the pendant’s center axis. This gives the fixture an organic, living feel. The components can be rotated drastically to convey a feathered bird’s nest or minimally to portray soft ripples in a stream. The possibilities are endless.

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VISO Design Engineering and Manufacturing

To make the linear light pendant a reality, we design-engineered an oversized fixture that measures 189” in length and 49” in width. The central axis is made of circular metal tubing which houses and hides all wiring with no visible fasteners.

A total of 63 branch-like components were manufactured using powder-coated aluminum in two sizes: 24” and 40” with the body measuring 1” wide by 2” tall. Each component houses a 3000K-15 W dimmable LED strip and is finished with a white translucent acrylic diffuser to cast soft, comforting light. The branch-like components are finished in modern metallic bronze which pairs well with the dark stain on the slated wood ceiling.

Our Custom Design Studio developed three understated ceiling canopies to house the LED drivers and power the fixture. Six aircraft cables are used to securely suspend the fixture in place. The final product represents VISO’s expertise in design, engineering and manufacturing for lighting projects of various sizes and scopes.

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