This light plate is so sweet, pop the Champagne - let's eat it!

The Chestnut decorative metal plate light fixture comes in organic shape in a sweet hand brushed champagne finish. Don’t roast it and eat it. You will create a short.

Instead, specify the Chesnut decorative metal light fixture plate to create unique installations on walls and ceilings in projects like hotels, restaurants, offices, airports, govenement and residences.

The plates come in sets of quadruplets (4), sextuplets (6), nonuplets (9), and undecaplets (11) whose abundant energey has been diffused. Obviously, our designers were busy, wink, wink. You can also customize your own set.

Decorative Art or light, we think this decorative metal light fixture is both and more. Attach them to a singular j-box, and BAM!, you have yourself a mind-blowing custom cluster that no one else has.

Be The One! Dim the LED warm light to suite project preference. It’s all up to you dear Designers and Architects!

Just let us know. 

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VISO Design Studio

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