We think differently. At VISO, our mission is to transform people’s everyday interaction with their environment and uplift the senses through the power of light. We help our customers create dramatic and inviting atmospheres with lighting to make their clients happy and improve overall experience.

Our clients deserve the best. We are the best lighting partner for Architects and Designers who are looking to elevate spaces with unique light fixtures that will ultimately translate into an environment everyone will enjoy.

As a global multidisciplinary lighting design and manufacturing firm, VISO serves the hospitality, commercial, infrastructure, and retail chain sectors. We offer custom designs, rendering services, and total project consultation as well as an exclusive lighting collection. We are experts with natural stone, metal, polycarbonate, fabric and ceramic with specialized proprietary finishes.  All of this combined makes us one of the most sought after lighting design firms in the world.

Whether it is a custom creation or a piece from our Brand Collection, our work can be found in a wide variety of projects. VISO has transformed many environments with cutting-edge light installations, such as the FIVE Hotel and Resort in Dubai, the Four Seasons in Kuwait, the Deloitte Headquarters in Toronto, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and Leña Restaurant, to name a few.

Proudly Canadian, VISO’s headquarter is located in downtown Toronto with global satellite offices in Portugal and Dubai. Led by Founder and Head Designer Filipe Lisboa and Managing Partner Tzetzy Naydenova, the couple have bound their efforts in design, production, management and marketing to build a strong, reputable, and unique fashion forward lighting company.

As a true global partner, VISO’s soul is comprised of pieces from the four corners of the world. The company designs, manufactures, assembles and inspects all fixtures in its state-of-the-art production facilities to deliver on its mission to transform interactions with our environment and feel happy.